XCOM certificate implementation on AS/400
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XCOM certificate implementation on AS/400


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How to implement OpenSSL certificates on iSeries(AS/400)


XCOM r11.0


Do not edit the ssl configuration files- cassl.conf, clientssl.conf or serverssl.conf. 

  1. In the CL command line, enter CALL QP2TERM. You are now in the PASE shell.
  2. Change directory to  /QOpenSys/CAProduct/ConfigFile/CAXCOM/ssl. You are now in the location to run the utility for creating certificates. 
  3. Run makeca followed by makeclient and makeserver.
  4. This will create a CERTS and PRIVATE subdirectory under the SSL directory.
  5. The scripts produce the following files: 
    1. makeca: random.pem, certs/cassl.pem and private/casslkey.pem
    2. makeclient: certs/clientcert.pem and private/clientkey.pem
    3. makeserver: certs/servercert.pem and private/serverkey.pem

       6. To list the certificate just created, issue the following commands to use scripts:  ./listca or ./listclient or ./listserver

Note: Please know that the certificates generated via the supplied scripts are intended for testing the product with OpenSSL. You need to contact your Security Administrator for details on how your site implements SSL.

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