How to use the Upgrade Toolkit on a Windows 32bit
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How to use the Upgrade Toolkit on a Windows 32bit


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


This tutorial explains how to modify the toolkit to include a 32-bit of java so that it can run on Windows 32bit Servers

Upgrade Toolkit


Windows 32bit Servers (x86)


Action for Java:

- Download the 32 bit JRE version  from the Oracle site --here-- (Version JRE 1.6.0_45 or higher) ()
- Extract the JRE and compress it in a zip file as

Action in the Toolkit:

- Download the last Dollar Universe Upgrade Toolkit --here--
- Unzip the Dollar.Universe_Upgrade.Toolkit_windows_6_X_XX + file on the server
- Create a folder WIN32 in \bin\jre\ and copy the file in \bin\jre\WIN32\
- Backup the unideployjre.bat and uniupgrade.bat files in \bin\
- Edit the unideployjre.bat file and replace the line  "set JREPATH = .. \ WIN64 \" by the line "set JREPATH = .. \ WIN32 \" (line 49)

The 32-bit Java is now properly embedded in the Toolkit and the upgrade tools can be launched.