No UIM data in external unified CABI
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No UIM data in external unified CABI


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After installing the external Unified CABI 6.3 the UIM dashboards contain no data.
In the UIM CABI Summary Dashboard dashlets I receive the following messages: "An unexpected error occurred while receiving data. Please check the user access privileges or run as a different user". 

If I log into CABI with superuser then the dashlets there show the following messages: "An unexplained error has occurred and the operation failed"


Release: CNMNAP99000-8.5-Unified Infrastructure Mgmt-Network Advanced Pack-- On Prem


- Observed that Unified CABI had been installed with default database i.e. postreSQL

- Observed database connectivity issues for UIM CABI reports in the jasperserver log.

- Reviewed context.xml file to check the JNDI related connections.
(file located on the cabi server under the apache-tomcat/webapps/jasperserver-pro/META-INFO directory)

- Noted that the connection for postgres contained name="jdbc/jasperserver" 

- Updated the UIM JNDI Datasource from jdbc/jasperserver to jdbc/uim
(In the CABI Repository -> ca -> Unified Infrastructure Management -> datasources -> UIM JNDI Datasource)

- Tested the summary dashboard from CABI Jasperserver which worked fine as did the UIM Summary dashboard from UMP.