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Sysload: Definition of Management Server


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CA Automic Sysload


The Management Server Roles :
  • Manage a central inventory
• List of installed Sysload Agents (Monitored Objects list) - This list is shared between all Sysload applications
• Manages a list of Sysload Analyst Rich Client (Console) objects
• Agent Views, Dashboards, Workspaces
• Centralizes the definition of certain configuration elements of the agent
• Alerts, Entities (workloads to monitor)
  • Transfer of data requests to agents
• Real-time for the Collector Agent, history for the File Server Agent
  • Transfer of configuration requests
• To the Agent File Server most of the time, sometimes to the Collector Agent (depending on the deployed objects and the deployment mode)
  • Validate the access rights of Console users
  • Receive alerts sent by Agent Collectors and send them back to clients (Console, Alert Manager)

What is the Sysload Management Server?


Sysload Management Server


The Management Server is the Module used for the Sysload client applications (Consoles, Alert Manager, Sysload Portal collect job):
  • To communicate with Agents, the Module forwards client requests to Agents
  • To transmit Alerts sent by the Agents to the Sysload Analyst Console.

The module manages an embedded database containing:
  • Monitored Object lists
  • Users lists
  • User Group lists
  • A list of access rights applied to Users and User Groups
  • Graphic objects (Dashboards, Workspaces…)
  • Enterprise Models (Entities, Alerts, diagnostic metrics)
  • User preferences
  • (The database can be on SQL Server)

Additional Information

The Module Management Server installs 2 Components:
  • Management Server
  • Communication Server
For more detail, please refer to the documentation.