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Reminder on Diagnostic Metrics :
  • Calculated metrics, based on raw metrics collected by Agents
Give information that is:
- Homogeneous across multiple OSs
- Easy to understand
  • Saturation
- CPU, memory, disk I/Os, network I/Os, and server
- Diagnostic Metric values then transformed into high level indicators
  • Utilization
- CPU, memory, storage space, network bandwidth
- In unit "RPI" (Relative Performance Index) for CPU
  • Used by Sysload Analyst Console built-in Dashboards and by built-in Sysload Portal reports


Sysload Agents


Define Rules

The Agent is installed with a default configuration for diagnostic metric rules
  • This definition is located in the Collector main configuration file "sldrmd.ini"
You can overload this default configuration
  • By defining rules via the Console GUI, in Enterprise Models and by deploying those rules to Agents
  • This definition is located in the file "diagmetric.ini"
  • If a rule is not overloaded, then the default rule is taken into account

Diagnostic Metrics Definition and Deployment

Definition and deployment of diagnostic metrics via the Console GUI
  • Via Enterprise Models
- Define once, deploy to many
- Different User access rights can be defined on different Enterprise Models
Facilitates configuration and tracking of the configuration done on Agents (Monitored Objects)
- Leads to better rules defined and better reporting on server performance and capacity reports

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Saturation Diagnostic

Enterprise Models

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Enterprise Models

Rule Set

One item in an Enterprise Model can be used to define rules for defining one or more rules
  • The management unit (what you define) is hence a Rule Set

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Edit Diagnostic

• Weight

- A weight is defined for the Rule Set
- This weight is used when deploying the Rule Set to Agents/Monitored Objects
  • Indeed, a Rule that you are deploying via a Rule Set may already be defined on the target Agent
  • Your Rule in your Rule Set will overwrite the Rule already defined on the target Agent only if your weight is greater than the weight of the rule already defined
  • You get a deployment report to track deployment successes and failures

Rule Definition

  • A rule is based on:
  • Based on raw metrics (collected by the Agent)
  • And / Or based on variables (values collected by the Agent but not exposed by the Agent as metrics)
  • A duration during which the formula must be true for saying there is saturation

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Rule Definition 1

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Rule Definition 2

Diagnostic Metrics Definition

  • By default, the Console shows a subset of the configurable rules/metrics only
- Those that are usually tuned by customers
- Others are hidden; to show them, activate a User Preference

You can import a pre-defined set of diagnostic metric rules into an Enterprise Model
  • Create an Enterprise Model and open it
  • Click on the right mouse button and select "Import Diagnostic Metrics > From a file"

Additional Information

Deploying Diagnostic Metric Rule Sets

  • Similar to Enterprise Entities and Alerts
- Right mouse button anywhere in the Enterprise Model, Select "Deploy Diagnostic Metrics"
- No Agent Collector restart required
  Remember: The Weight may prevent a Rule deployment
  • On the first deployment of a Rule Set to an Agent, the file "diagmetric.ini" contains all the rules necessary to all the diagnostic metrics
- Even if you had a single rule defined in your Rule Set
- Default rules configured during the Agent installation (in the file "sldrmd.ini") are duplicated (in the file "diagmetric.ini")
- The rules in the file "sldrmd.ini" are then always ignored

Checking Rules Deployed

  • The Console GUI can display the whole set of rules defined on a Agent/Monitored Object
- Right Mouse button on a Monitored Object, then select "Modify parameters > Display Diagnostic Metrics"
- The panel indicates the rules for each Diagnostic Metric
  • Whether the rules come from the default Agent configuration or via an Enterprise Model


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