After CAPC and CABI upgrade users synchronization and automatic login not working
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After CAPC and CABI upgrade users synchronization and automatic login not working


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After the upgrade to CA Performance Center 3.6.0, and the update/reinstall of the CA Business Intelligence JasperReports Server content package ( file), existing users cannot access reports and dashboards directly from CA Performance Center as before the upgrade. They are required to log in to CABI to get the report.

The following error message is printed in CABI logs:

2018-08-07 10:55:31,594 ERROR TokenService,http-nio-8080-exec-7:162 - Token is already used 
2018-08-07 10:55:31,596 ERROR ExternalAuthenticationProxyFilter,http-nio-8080-exec-7:90 - Exception processing token 
2018-08-07 10:55:31,597 ERROR CABIUtil,http-nio-8080-exec-7:69 - Token is already used 

at org.springframework.web.filter.DelegatingFilterProxy.invokeDelegate( 
at org.springframework.web.filter.DelegatingFilterProxy.doFilter( 
at com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.war.UserPreferencesFilter.doFilter(



CA Performance Center 3.6.x
CA Business IntelligenceĀ JasperReports Server 6.4.2


The and capm.jks files was not regenerated during CABI content package installation.

The CABI content install script checks if and capm.jks files already exist. 
If yes, then the following message will be shown:

"CA Business Intelligence SSO keystore and properties files already exist. 
Regenerate files (Yes/No)? [No]:" (default answer is No)


During CABI content package installation, select the option to regenerate the and capm.jks files.

Follow the steps from CA Performance Management documentation chapter "Install Reports on the CA Business Intelligence JasperReports Server":

Copy the file to the CABI JasperReports Server host and unpack it into a folder for the reports.
Run the Install.bat (Windows) or (Unix) installation script.

The CABI content install script checks if the and capm.jks files already exist. If they do, then the following prompt will be shown: 

"CA Business Intelligence SSO keystore and properties files already exist. Regenerate files (Yes/No)? [No]:"   (default is No)
Select "Yes" 

When completed, copy the newly generated files from the CABI server folder: 

<CA Business Intelligence>/apache-tomcat/webapps/jasperserver-pro/WEB-INF/config 

to the following location on CA Performance Center server: 

<CA Performance Center>/PC/webapps/pc/WEB-INF/CABIKeystore 

Additional Information

The following lines should be present in the file on both CAPC and CABI: 

These lines are required to avoid the message "Token is already used" and allow correct user synchronization between CAPC and CABI.