Does CA SDM xFlow and Insights allow SSO without SAML?


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Does CA SDM xFlow and Insights allow SSO without SAML?

For SDM 17.1 how to configure SSO without using SAML via ADFS.

How to use IIS and IWA on ITSM 17.1 and still have single sign on (SSO) for xFlow and Insights?


Release: SDMU0M99000-17.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License


See this page, which covers setting up SSL for both xFlow and Jasper/Insights: 

At page end it has settings for Single-Sign On, which reads as applying to everything on the page before it. 

Configure SSO for a Service 
Perform the following steps to configure Single-Sign On (SSO) for a service: 

Specify authenticationtype= SSO within the application.conf file. 
Specify SSOArtifactType = HEADER. 
The SSOArtifactType can take any one of these values (COOKIE, HEADER, PARAMETER, REQUEST) 
Specify SSOArtifactName= sm_user. 
Users should be present in CA SDM with access policy set to Allow external authentication. 
If a user is not present in CA SDM, Error 401 (unauthorized error) is shown. 

The only other thing is that it does look like SAML is referenced quite a lot in the documentation, so unless there is a good reason to avoid it, it may be worth considering - at least for later. 

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