CA Scheduler Job Management for z/OS did not show JOBNO in History Report with DETAIL=NO


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CA Scheduler Job Management


CA Scheduler Job Management for z/OS when cancel a running job in job status panel, found that CA Scheduler did not show JOBNO in CA Scheduler History Report with DETAIL=NO. 


Release: SCHED.00200-11.0-Scheduler-Job Management


As per documentation on DETAIL=NO, Displays only a summary line for each execution of the jobs. 
This means that when a job comes into the active work load, it will display the outcome of that job in one summary line. 

For example:
SCTSTCAN 2018/07/16 08:00:31 Job added to active workload with reason code 84 
2018/07/16 10:31:52 CANCEL JOB issued by WRATANA 
2018/07/16 10:33:04 RESTAGE JOB command issued by WRATANA 
2018/07/16 10:33:37 RERUN or SUBMIT JOB command issued by WRATANA 
2018/07/16 10:33:37 Job submitted J0018757 
2018/07/16 10:33:37 Job J0018757 started on DV02 at DV02 
2018/07/16 10:33:56 Job completed successfully with RC=00000 

TSTCAN1 01 40 SCTSTCAN 84 07/16 08:00 07/16 10:33 07/16 10:33 0018757 00000 

Because the job was ADDED, CANCEL, RESTAGE, RERUN you will only see one summary line as it is still the same copy that was added to the workload for that job. 

If you ADDED, CANCEL and do a RUN which ADDs another copy, then you will see 2 summary lines.
One for the original ADD status and the outcome of the second RUN. 

Only the DETAIL=YES will show every action and results of the job.