LOV functions generating blank file when masking on VSAM


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Trying to mask VSAM file using GTXMSKVS. Masking works fine if using functions such as FORMATENCRYPT or RANDRANGE. However, when using seedlist related functions (RANDLOV, HASHLOV), the masking procedure produces a blank file with no errors.


TDM 4.5 Mainframe


Steps to make this work:

Is ROY98.KEEP.TDM.MSG.SOURCE a VSAM dataset?  It needs to be.  In the supplied installation files there should be a job called MSGLOAD which takes the messages source file and loads it into a VSAM KSDS.  Make sure that this job has been run and use the VSAM file rather than ROY98.KEEP.TDM.MSG.SOURCE
In addition, in the submitted JCL add the following override (this is to allocate the masked version of the file with the correct characteristics) - 
Setting the LRECL and RECFM to appropriate values for a flat file copy of the VSAM file being masked.
The masked file written by the job is a flat file, to create a VSAM file from this it is then necessary to run IDCAMS to create and load the VSAM file.


Have gone through another iteration of masking by re-creating the MASKCSV and DEFCSV files from scratch and reloading seeddata.xml. Masking seems to be working now. 

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