CA Dispatch terminates with abend code S878 or S80A
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CA Dispatch terminates with abend code S878 or S80A


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


Scenario 1:

I cannot get CA Dispatch to start up and remain active.

Each time I attempt to start the CA Dispatch main task it terminates with an abend S878-10 or S80A.


Scenario 2:

CA Dispatch starts ok but after processing reports for a period of time, the started task abends with an S878-10 or S80A.

CA Dispatch terminates with abend code S878 or S80A at startup or sometime later during the STC's life cycle. What causes this storage related abend and how can they be prevented?




For scenario 1:

This problem occurs most often after a new installation or an upgrade of CA Dispatch, but this problem is not limited to these situations.

This problem is likely the consequence of having the cai.CADSOPTN file (formerly PPOPTION) allocated with block size larger than 3120.

Check the DCB attributes for the CADSOPTN file and ensure it is allocated with LRECL=80, RECFM=FB and BLKSIZE=3120.

Having the option file blocked with 3120 is mandatory.


For scenario 2:

Receiving these S878-10 or S80A abends can indicate the CA Dispatch is running short of internal IDMS LSQA storage which is the area of storage used for processing reports and maintaining Bundles.

Clients who run the CA Dispatch started task with a REGION setting that is too high may encounter these types of abends. It a common abend for clients who, for example, specify their CA Dispatch region as REGION=0M. CA recommends NEVER setting a value of 0M for the CA Dispatch region.


For more information on tuning the CA Dispatch region, please refer to Knowledge Article ID: 9459 - Setting the REGION size for the CA Dispatch started task

If neither of the above solutions apply, please contact the CA Technologies Technical Support.