Considerations While Upgrading Oracle from 11g to 12c


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We are planning to upgrade Oracle 11g to Oracle 12c ( What considerations should be taken into account for CA Release Automation?

What considerations should be taken into account for CA Release Automation when upgrading from Oracle 11g to 12c?


CA Release Automation 


Considerations include:
  1. Making sure that the version of CA Release Automation that you're on supports Oracle 12c. You can find this by looking at the system requirements page for the version of CA Release Automation you're using. This URL is the documentation URL for version 6.6. But there is a versions dropdown on the page where you can select the version you're using.
Note: Some versions of RA certify version 12c with specific patch levels (considered the minimum patch level for it to work).
  1. Backup the CA Release Automation database/schema to make sure you have a working copy so if there are any problems you can get it restored someplace and maybe just point CA Release Automation to a different system. I personally use expdp and impdp to backup/restore Oracle Schemas. Please let us know if you have any other problems/questions.
  1. Oracle 12 does introduce PDBs. It might change the connection details which might cause connection errors when RA starts. To try and avoid this I would recommend reviewing your NACInstallDir/webapps/datamanagement/WEB-INF/ file for any uncommented entries with "database" in them. Those are the details we use to make a connection to the database. I'd recommend copying those entries and sending them to your DBA to see if any of that information is going to change. If yes then make sure to update those values after the upgrade is complete and then start your NAC services.
  1. Before the database is upgraded it is recommended to stop the management server's services. 
  1. After the database upgrade is completed be sure to update the file with any changes recommended by your DBA (from point #3 above) and then start the management server's services.

In general, after upgrading the database the NAC will either connect to the database or it won't. If it does not connect then you will not receive a prompt for username/password.