Cant Edit Custom field in an Investment Object portlet
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Cant Edit Custom field in an Investment Object portlet


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User is not able to edit attributes in a custom portlet even if the attributes are marked as editable.  
The portlet was created with Data Provider of Investment (Investment Object).   

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a numeric attribute in Investment Object
2. Create a grid portlet using the Investment object as the Data Provider. 
3. Add the attribute to the list view and mark it as 'grid editable' 
4. Create a new tab on the General page with the Content of the new grid Portlet.
Expected Result: Edit the attribute on the grid
Actual Result:  Cannot edit the attribute


All supported PPM versions


Working as designed


The Investment object is defined as an abstract object which means one can see all different types of objects in one portlet. There may be some special business rules on a direct object (such as Project or Idea) that are different between the types of investments. This is why the editing and validation must be done by the direct object, and not by an abstract object.