Service Desk performance is very poor when Service Catalog is integrated


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Service Desk performance is very poor in all the application, Service Catalog (SC) was integrated but SC is not being used, the following messages are recorded in the logs:
SIGNIFICANT prov_base.c 1010 SQL Query has returned (5000) rows for (domsrvr/). Clause (SELECT usp_itsm_msg_queue.retries, FROM usp_itsm_msg_queue WHERE ( usp_itsm_msg_queue.status = 0 AND usp_itsm_msg_queue.retries < 20 ) OR ( usp_itsm_msg_queue.status = 1 AND usp_itsm_msg_queue.timestamp <= 1529019751 )) Input ( )

catalogsync.log ERROR CatalogServiceProcessor 119 Error synching Attachment to Catalog. ; nested exception is: \n Connection refused: connect


Service Desk (SD) is not able to connect to Service Catalog, since the integration is active the synchronization between both will keep going, creating new records for sync but the process will not send any data from SD to SC and it will keep retrying every 15 minutes. This will overload SD vdbagents causing slow performance in the application


Service Management 14.1 or higher


If Service Catalog is not functional the integration must be disabled and the data must be cleared:

1. Set all the Service Catalog options in Service Desk to "Not Installed" under Administration > Options Manager > CA Service Catalog > Stop Service Desk  services.
2. Backup current usp_itsm_msg_queue table in SQL Server:
    select * into usp_itsm_msg_queue_BKP from usp_itsm_msg_queue;
3. Truncate the contents of existing table:
    TRUNCATE TABLE usp_itsm_msg_queue
4. Start Service Desk services.

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