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PIM/PAM SC r14.0: How about ActiveMQ setting during installation for 3rd Party products


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CA Privileged Access Manager - Cloakware Password Authority (PA) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


Customer wants to know about ActiveMQ configuration during installation via install_PRK.exe as 3rd Party Product installer.
1. During installation at 3rd Party Product, AcitveMQ is configured. after that, It recommend to  access to URL for check status.
   Admin and password is only for this status check. Is it correct?
2. Can he change the port?
3. Can he change the username?
4. this admin user and password are using only to access ActiveMQ console. Is it correct?
5. What is password policy in this configuration?


OS: Windows
Products:CA Privileged Identity Manager r14.0
  or CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control r14.0 


In this setting paramet is for accessing ActiveMQ Management ActiveMQ Broker console.
PIM or PAM SC is using special port and user/password for internal communication.
1. Yes. the user and password is using for ActiveMQ Managment Console.
2. Yes. but it is only changes for ActiveMQ Management Console.
3. Yes. but it should not change.
4. Yes.
5. Password can be using with alphabet, numerical and special character ('[email protected]*()_~{}|:?~-=[]./) only.