Input Control Label Fields for OOTB JSFT reports show internal IDs instead of the label name


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The CSK content add-in was not upgraded when the environment was upgraded from an earlier release.


Release: CODFSS99000-15.4-PPM SAAS FedRAMP-Sandbox-Small Environment


The best approach to resolving this issue is to run the admin content-jaspersoft csk -userName superuser –password superuser upgrade command described in the manual for upgrading the csk content add-in.

You can also follow the steps in this workaround to get the input control labels to dispaly correctly:

1. If the problem occurs with a report in particular, not all reports, please verify if the report is associated to a report resource bundle: 
a) Navigate to Advanced Reporting > View > Repository. 
b) Navigate to the folder where the report is located. 
c) Edit the report that is showing incorrect labels. 
d) Navigate to Controls and Resources > Resources and verify that the bundle is associated to the report. 
e) If the bundle is not associated to the report, please add the bundle to the report by clicking the Add Resource... link. 
In Select a resource from the Repository select /ca_ppm/resources/localization/ 
Provide the information to add the bundle (Name: CSK_Report_Resource_Bundle / ID: CSK_Report_Resource_Bundle) and submit to save it. 
f) After that, if the labels are still not displaying correctly, open the report in Jaspersoft Studio and verify if the report is associated to a report bundle. The resourceBundle property is available in the report definition (second or third row if you look from the Source code). The resourceBundle property should point to resourceBundle="CSK_Report_Resource_Bundle". Make sure the report is associated to a bundle. 

2. If the problem occurs to all OOTB reports, please re-import the report resource bundle: 
a) Save the attached to this defect in a local folder. 
b) Navigate to Advanced Reporting > View > Repository > [organization] > CA PPM > Resources > Localization and edit the Report Resource Bundle (scroll all the way down). 
c) Click Browse to find the properties file saved in step a. Select the file. 
d) Click Submit.


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