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Unable to XOG in changes to SCH_BROWSE_RESOURCE lookup query


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I am trying to edit the query for the SCH_BROWSE_RESOURCE lookup. The current query is as follows:

SELECT @SELECT:RESOURCES.ID:[email protected],
                @SELECT:RESOURCES.LAST_NAME:[email protected],
                @SELECT:RESOURCES.FIRST_NAME:[email protected],
                @SELECT:RESOURCES.FULL_NAME:[email protected],
                @SELECT:RESOURCES.UNIQUE_NAME:[email protected],
                @SELECT:RESOURCES.UNIQUE_NAME:[email protected],
                @SELECT:RESOURCES.LAST_UPDATED_DATE:[email protected]
                FROM SRM_RESOURCES RESOURCES               WHERE
                @WHERE:SECURITY:RESOURCE:[email protected]               AND
                @[email protected]               AND RESOURCES.PERSON_TYPE != 0                             
               AND      case when resources.user_id is null then 0 else resources.user_id end != -99
               AND     RESOURCES.IS_ACTIVE = 1
               :[email protected]

I am trying to add in a line that would allow us to display the resource's email address but whenever I XOG in the attached XML file it simply does not update the query.


Component: PPMXOG


The reason users are not able to update SCH_BROWSE_RESOURCE lookup is because it is System-restricted and not intended to be changed. You can if you like create a custom lookup using the same NSQL and make necessary change for your use case.