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Response Path Test Jitter " link from any dashboard opens a blank page with no views when viewed as proxy user.


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


When they are logged in as CIB-MISN they are able to select on the response path links and view data. When they proxy from CIBC-MISN to CIBC-MSN-admin they see blank pages after selecting on the response path links. see attached word doc for more details.


CAPC 3.x


This is working as designed.


 1) Note that on a given context page, the tabs, views and settings you see are scoped to the user currently in scope, and the tenant of that user (not the tenant you are administering). So when you are Administering the CIBC-MISN tenant but are not proxied to a user in that tenant, the tabs and views you see are scoped to the tenant of the user you are logged in as (in this case, presumably 'admin', and tenant = "Default Tenant").
2) On the context page for "Response Path Jitter Page", the tab called "Advanced Graphs" is not currently defined in scope of the CIBC-MISN tenant, but it is in Default tenant. So when you proxy to the CIBC-MISN_admin user, this tab is not defined - only the "Overview" tab is. Given the NPE in the log (which we have fixed in 3.6), it looks like all views and tabs are undefined / suppressed for user CIBC-MISN_admin, thus the page is empty. To confirm, try proxying to user 'CIBC-MISN_admin', navigate to "Display Settings" set View Suppression to "Display All Views", then navigate to the Response Path Jitter Page. It is expected now the views will show but may have no data or are not supported so were suppressed. Note that there is no "Advanced Graphs" tab for this user.
3) If the intent is to have the "Advanced Graphs" tab defined for users in the CIBC-MISN tenant, then it will be necessary to create the tab while logged in or proxied to a user in that tenant: - Administer tenant CIBC-MISN - Proxy to CIBC-MISN_admin - Navigate to the Response Path Jitter page. - Add the tab for "Advanced Graphs" and its views.