New VTS and TLMS Requirements for VOLCAT.
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New VTS and TLMS Requirements for VOLCAT.


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TLMS Tape Management


We are in the process of replacing our IBM VTS with a third party Luminex VTS. It has been brought to our attention that with the new unit, that the automatic updating of the VOLCAT when tape volume is added is not done -- as it was with the IBM unit. What utility jobs or functions are available for TLMS to accomplish this with the new unit? Also, in general, are there other considerations that may need to be addressed when TLMS is switched to the new non-IBM unit? 


z/OS TLMS Luminex VTS


The difference between the IBM and Luminex VTS is that IBM VTS would accept scratch updates from TLMS dynamically. This would keep TLMS and OAM in-sync realtime. 
With Luminex, they will supply you with JCL to run a scratch report every morning to update their database of available scratch volumes.