Monthly job spool file is filling WA Agent filesystem
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Monthly job spool file is filling WA Agent filesystem


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Workload Automation Agent


A monthly job that typically spans 2-3 days creates large output files which is impacting functionality of the agent. The file system is filling up due to large spool files which causes the agent to stop processing jobs. We have set the joblog to false and also set spool retention to 1D in the agentparm, but this does not seem to resolve the issue. Is there another option to turn off spool output or assist in reducing it?


Component: SYSAGT


There is no way to disable spool, nor can you purge an active spool file. What you can do however is redirect your spool to a larger file system and see if that will help with your issue. You can redirect where spool is written in the agentparm.txt file with the spooldir parameter. By default spool is written beneath the agent. You can modify the spooldir parameter to a different location such as /tmp on UNIX or c:\temp on windows, or wherever you like. You will want to steer clear of storing the logs anywhere on a root volume in UNIX/Linux systems and C:\ drive on Windows servers as this could cause your entire server to stop processing if it fills up those directories.