Datacom Console Command List
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Datacom Console Command List


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CA Datacom has several console or console-like commands that have a variety of uses for managing and interrogating the Datacom Multi-User environment.




For a list of Datacom console commands and how/where they can be issued, refer to CA Datacom Core - 15.1Maintenance using Console Commands”
The list indicates where the console and console-like command can be issued from:
  • A true console using MODIFY in z/OS to the MUF.
  • SQL, using the SQL_CONSOLE (SQX) Dynamic System Table (see SQL_CONSOLE (SQX) Table)
  • MUF startup options (with some exceptions).
  • DBUTLTY, using the function COMM OPTION=CONSOLE,OPTION2=

The documentation provides further details and explanation.

Additional Information

For use of CA SYSVIEW to enter long commands, refer to Article 20824 “SYSVIEW LONGCMD to enter Datacom console command”