Application Not Starting After Increasing JVM Memory Settings


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


We used the steps outlined here to increase the java memory settings:

After following the steps above the login page does not appear. 


There was a database connection error introduced by removing/re-adding the Nolio Release Automation Server service. Removing/Re-adding the Nolio Release Automation Server service are steps in the URL above. The steps that accomplish this are: 
  • nolio_server_remove_service.cmd
  • ​nolio_server_install_service.cmd

The reason why these steps introduce a database connection error is because these steps were run on a management server that had been configured to use integratedSecurity=true. This means that the management server relies on the account specified in the LogOn properties tab of the Nolio Release Automation Server service to authenticate against the database and connect. In these environments: 
  1. ​The webapps/datamanagement/WEB-INF/ does not have a username and password filled out for the database. Those values are left blank.
  2. The webapps/datamanagement/WEB-INF/ has "integratedSecurity=true" appended to the jdbc connection url.


CA Release Automation v6.6


  1. Open the properties of the Nolio Release Automation Server service. 
  2. Click the LogOn tab.
  3. Configure it to use the Windows account you want it to use to authenticate and connect to your database. 
The solution described above should only be done if:
  1. You expect the management server to use a Windows account to authenticate against the database and establish the connection
  2. Your and is already configured as described above. If these files are not configured as described above then this solution does not apply.