Spectrum Probable Cause files with backslash characters


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CA Spectrum


Probable Cause files with backslash "\" characters do not show the backslash characters in OneClick Alarm Details tab. The backslash was added to the Probable Cause file using the Event Configuration tool and saved.

The Probable Cause file saved in the $SPECROOT/custom/Events/CsPCause directory contains the backslash.

However, if you exit the Event Configuration tool, start it again and select the same event, you will notice the backslash is now gone. However it still appears in the Probable Cause file saved in the $SPECROOT/custom/Events/CsPCause directory.

Additionally, Alarm Details does not display the backslash:


The backslash character is a special character that needs to be escaped.


Release: Any
Component: SPCAEM


When using a backslash in a Probable Cause file, you need to escape it using three additional backslashes for a total of four backslashes "\\\\".

Using the example from Issue section, I configure the Probable Cause file in the Event Configuration tools as follows:

NOTE: After saving the change using four backslash characters, you will notice the four change to one. The corresponding Probable Cause file in the $SPECROOT/custom/Events/CsPCause file will contain all four backslash characters. 

After making the change, update both the SpectroSERVER and OneClick Event Configurations so the new Probable Cause file is read into memory. Then, log out and then back into OneClick. The backslash should now appear in OneClick: