Can APM monitor AuthMinder or RiskMinder
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Can APM monitor AuthMinder or RiskMinder


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


From RiskMinder Documentation:
Using RiskMinder WSDL Files: To generate client applications, you must use the WSDL documents that are shipped with RiskMinder. These documents define the request and response messages that are exchanged between your application and RiskMinder Server to perform an operation. The following table lists the WSDL documents that RiskMinder provides. These WSDLs are available at the following location: ¦ On Microsoft Windows: install_location\Arcot Systems\wsdls\ ¦ On UNIX-Based platforms: install_location/arcot/wsdls/ You can use any tool of your choice, such as Apache Axis or .NET SOAP Framework, to generate client stub classes by using the WSDL files listed in the following table. You can then use the generated stub classes to build your application and access the required Web services. 


A quick question. CA Riskminder and CA Authminder expose webservices (WSDL) calls that can be used to monitor these products. Can the WSDL calls for these products be invoked / probed through APM.


All APM releases


There is nothing out of the box available. You would need to write an EPA script, an Infrastructure Agent extension or use the EPA/IA REST API and call the web service and create the metrics.

In September 2018, a field pack was created . It can be obtained at


Additional Information

  You could use SOAP to read the WSDL. Consider also testing with SOAPUI or prahpe ASM can do it through a JMeter script . Introscope would show the different operations in the wsdl, as and when they are invoked