CA7 Web Client task CA7WEBC using high CPU
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CA7 Web Client task CA7WEBC using high CPU


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CA 7 Workload Automation


It can happen that CA7 Web Client task CA7WEBC starts using a very high amount of CPU and seems to be looping for several minutes. The web client remains available and is able to process requested commands, however it becomes far more unresponsive than normal, almost to a point where it becomes unusable. So it is necessary to recycle all of the tasks associated with CA7WEBC.

What could be the cause of the problem and how to bypass it?


Z/OS - CA7 - CA7 UI starting from 11.3.3. 


Upgrading to CA7 UI 11.3.4 is the better solution as the Java Version will force it.

In the meantime, one other thing to check  is the logs directory. If this has not been cleaned up, it most likely is causing this problem. 
So, in order to clean it up, the following steps should be executed:

1) Go to ....install/apache-tomcat-7.0.29/logs/ 
2) You may see lots of /logs/ files. 
3) Delete all but the last few days. 
4) Do this on a monthly basis. 

Depending on the web client activity, these can get fairly large.

If also after this activity, the problem occurs again, Please open a case to CA Support