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  • An Alert is a set of user-defined conditions involving a system state, users, applications, etc. Alerts are defined in an Event Model. Agents can be configured with an Event Model.
  • The Agent triggers an Alert when measurements match the Alert conditions defined in the Agent Event Model.
  • Alerts are characterized by the following parameters:
  1. Alert Name: Main field for identifying generated Alerts
  2. Condition: Sets validity rules for the Alert
  3. Duration threshold: A time-out during which the condition must remain true before triggering the Alert (avoids triggering Alerts on peak phenomena)
  4. Message: Alert notification message
  5. Profile: Operating profile (avoids triggering Alerts when high/low activity is expected)


Product: Sysload

Components: Analyst Rich Client / Sysload Agent 


1 - Open the Console (Analyst Rich Client)
2 - Select Events in the Enterprise Models
3 - Create a new Event by right-clicking and select New... 

Define the name of the events group

4 - Add a new Event (click right - Add):

5 - Define the alert settings: 
  • Tab : Monitored Objects 

Choose the Monitored Object (MO) on which you want to apply the alert.


  • Tab : General 

Enter the Name of the Alert, and a Comment that will be displayed in the Alert (ie. CPU Usage=92% > 90% threshold)

  • Tab : Condition 

Select the domain (metric) and the threshold.
  • Tab : Profile

Additional Information


– Made of up to 5 elementary conditions
– The tests carried out can be static (equals, less than, etc.) or dynamic (increases by, decreases by)

Triggering period:

– The Alert will not be triggered until the conditions are validated continuously over a minimum programmed duration
– This avoids the effects of peaks


– The Alert mechanism is deactivated at precise moments during the day and week (e.g. during backups, because high activity is expected)


– Can be dynamic (containing the values and thresholds noted).

• Severity:

– Ranging from 1 to 100 (can be used as a sort criteria). 1 is often associated with high severity Alerts