Question on attribute for System Date attribute


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CA Spectrum


We would like to use System Date value in order to monitor System Time clock drift for our servers. We can see a table in OneClick which shows the value but not able to find what attribute this value is stored in. 

I'm trying to monitor for clock drift for a few systems. In looking in Spectrum on SystemEDGE models, there seems to be a field under "System Resources" -> "System" -> "OS and Boot Information" -> "System Date". Where is it getting that attribute from? I tried looking in MIB tools and the attributes tab, but didn't see anything, but something like that would be what I"m looking for.


Component: SPCOCK


SystemEdge polls hrSystemDate OID from RFC2790 MIB. It gets placed into attribute hrSystemDate 0xc4072f attribute available on the RFC2790App model associated with the device. This value actually comes down as hex octet and is not human-readable. Spectrum then takes the hex octet value and converts into standard format, and places into whats called a "pseudo-attribute" hrSystemDate 0x48201b8 Pseudo attributes are used when development wants to display some type of data that either needs to be formatted to be readable or cannot simply be stored in an attribute. Using a pseudo attribute usually triggers some type of Java code to be executed on the OneClick Server to produce what is displayed.

"pseudo-attribute" hrSystemDate 0x48201b8 can also be used in customizing search results tables in OneClick.