OBS Lookup Browse saves the OBS value but shows blank
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OBS Lookup Browse saves the OBS value but shows blank


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You have a custom lookup with OBS Browse lookup, pointing to an OBS you have set up. When you pick a certain value in the lookup and Save, the value disappears and the field shows blank.
If you query the database you can see the value is saved in the PRJ_OBS_ASSOCIATIONS. 


Release: Any


The issue is caused by a missing/ orphaned value.
The reference for this OBS unit is missing in PRJ_OBS_UNITS_FLAT. This is why the view PRJ_FULL_OBS_PATH_V and in UI the function OBS_UNIT_FULL_PATH does not return it.
This could be caused by manual deletion.



Option 1

  1. Attempt to remove/delete the orphaned value from UI (the OBS unit)
  2. Then recreate it
  3. That may involve setting some of the objects back manually to this recreated OBS

Option 2:

  1. Check if another environment has the complete values.
  2.  If on Prod it exists and not on lower: You could request a new refresh from Prod to remedy this.
  3. If the value is on a lower environment, then get the exact entries to insert and manually recreate the missing data