Bulk Task only shows 10k population
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Bulk Task only shows 10k population


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We create bulk task definition to modify user. There are around 30k users in user store, and all of them should be modified. However there are only 10k users shown up on the bulk task population view.


Identity vApp 14.2


It's a OOTB vApp limitation. Please do the following to adjust the limitation settings:
1. On IM Management Console, export the UserStore directory xml 
2. Adjust maxrows setting on the DirectorySearch section to a larger number, for example: maxrows="50000" 
    <DirectorySearch minsortrules="1" maxpagesize="1024" maxrows="10000"/> 
3. save the xml 
4. re-import the User Store directory xml 
5. ssh to vApp machine as config user
6. su - dsa 
7. vi /opt/CA/Directory/dxserver/config/limits/vapp-default.dxc 
8. locate the following line: 
    set max-op-size = 10000; 
9. change the setting to a larger number, for example: 
    set max-op-size = 50000; 
10. save the change and exit vi
11. dxserver init all 

After these, the bulk task preview screen should be able to show correct number of the population.

Additional Information

If you are using Identity vApp 14.1, the User Store max-op-size setting is in /opt/CA/Directory/dxserver/config/limits/default.dxc, instead of vapp-default.dxc