Sysload: Custom Agents
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Sysload: Custom Agents


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By default, the Sysload agent offering allows you to monitor systems, applications, infrastructure...

  • Feedback Agent for Windows
  • SP Analyst Agent for Oracle
  • Sysload Agent for SQL Server
  • Sysload Analyst Agent for Hyper-V
  • Sysload Analyst Agent fopor PowerVM
  • Sysload Analyst Agent for VIOS
  • Sysload Analyst Agents for vSphere
  • SP Analyst Agent for Network Devices

  • SP Analyst Agent for NetApp

  • Agent for Windows
  • Agent for Unix/Linux
  • Agent for Citrix
  • Agent for GCOS7
  • Agent for OS/400
You can monitor specific components using the custom agents or creating your own agent with Sysload Studio.

Custom agents are not supported by Technical Support. If you need help on this topic, please contact Community

How to monitor specific Applications / Environments via Sysload?


Sysload Agents / Studio


You could find specific Sysload Agents on our MarketPlace. You can also create your own Sysload Custom Agents with Studio 

Additional Information

Please find below the Custom Agents list 
Application Knowledge DatabaseSample Sysload Entity Enterprise Model
Charge Back IllustrationReads A List Of Servers (Sysload Agents For Unix), Collects Data On CPU Utilization Per...
Dynamic Setup For Windows AgentScript Creates And Launches A Setup Command For Sysload Agent For Windows.
List Monitored Objects In A Monitored Object GroupThis Program Illustrates The Sysload SP Analyst Management Server API Using Powershell.
Query Tool For Sysload AuditAudit Monitored Objects Referenced In (One Or More) Management Server, TokenServer And...
Query Tool For Sysload History DataUnix Shell Script Using Management Server API To Request History Data
Sample Enterprise Model For Diagnostic MetricsSample Enterprise Model For Diagnostic Metric Rules For Sysload.
Sample Entities For Sysload ModulesEntities For Some Sysload Modules (E.G. Management Server, VMware VSphere Agent...
Shell Script To Create A Group From A PatternUse Sysload Web Services API To Define Monitored Objects With A Regular Expression And Add...
Sysload - Health Check Of Monitored ObjectsCheck Availability Of Monitored Objects In Realtime And History.
Sysload Agent DiagnosticThis Program Performs Different Actions On SP Analyst Agents
Sysload Agent For Apache JMeterThis Sysload Agent Is Able To Retrieve From Apache JMeter Project Metrics.
Sysload Agent For DockerMonitoring Agent For Docker (Linux Version)
Sysload Agent For Dollar Universe Application Server DUASMonitor Key Metrics Of Any Dollar Universe Nodes
Sysload Agent For IBM DB2Monitoring Agent For IBM DB2 Database (Linux Version)
Sysload Agent For JavaThis Sysload Agent Is Able To Retrieve Apache Server Metrics.
Sysload Agent For StreamcoreThis Sysload Agent Is Able To Retrieve Streamcore Metrics.
Sysload Agent For Windows Server Failover ClustersMonitor The Availability Of Windows Cluster Resources
Sysload Agent Monitored Object Group OamogroupThe Agent Shows A Consolidated CPU Information For A Group Of Servers.
Sysload Agent Status CheckThe Script Aims At Verifying Sysload Agents Are Up An Running.
Sysload Automation Plugin Add Vm Vmware Cluster DrsVerify If A VMware Cluster Has Enough Spare Capacity For Accepting A New VM
Sysload MO Ping AgentThe Agent Helps Verifying Target Sysload Agents Are Up.
Sysload MO Status AgentThe Agent Helps Verifying Target Sysload Agents Are Functional.
Sysload Nginx And Web Services AgentMonitor Nginx Servers And Any Web Service
Sysload Query Tool To Check Unassigned Monitored ObjectsGets A List Of MO Not Assigned To Any Group
Tool For Sysload Monitor-Mib To Trap FilterConverts Traps Found In SNMP MIBs To Be Readable By Sysload Monitor
Trigger - Integration With SysloadTrigger A Dollar Universe Task Based On A Sysload Alert