Sysload: How to monitor specific File System


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By default, only standard FS types are monitored with the Sysload Agent for UNIX/Linux.
For other types, it is necessary to be explicit and specify the FS type in the agent's configuration file ("fs_regex" parameter).

How to monitor specific File System with the Sysload Agent for Unix ?


Sysload Agent for Unix  / Linux


1 - Edit the Collector's configuration file
2 - Modify the "fs_regex" parameter in the section [PARAM] correct FS type:
#Format               : String
#Optional/Mandatory   : Optional
#Forces the program to see specific types of File Systems not seen by default
#To set only if requested by technical support
#The regular expression is built upon the result of the Unix command "mount"
#Example: "fs_regex=^(ext|reiserfs|tmpfs)($|[0-9])$"
#Note it is not recommended to specify here the File Systems of type NFS (not supported)
3 - Restart the Collector to apply the changes.

Additional Information

For a full description of the Collector Configuration file, please refer to the documentation