How to UNselect row(s) while loading a table component on a CA Service Catalog form


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Existing forms which have the same problem here.
We have some javascript in place where a user will do a wildcard search of an application name.
And when they hit the search, Service Catalog will do a handshake with another non-SC application.
This to retrieve the data and populate this in a table using ca_fdAddTableRow java function.
The end user will then be able to select the application name from the table which matches their wild card search. 

In 12.9 when the table is populated only the first application name in the table is checked.
And the check box is not checked for all of the other rows. 
However in 17.1, for all rows the check boxes in the table are automatically selected. 
How to ONLY set/check the first row in the table?

How to ONLY set/check the first row in the table?


Windows CA Service Catalog 12.9, 14.1 and 17.1 releases.


Add the "false" attribute in the java function:

As an example, to be used in a form-script:
TableLoad:function(formID, executor) {
ca_fdAddTableRow(formID,'table',{'appID':'171spadmin1','appName':'Name1'}, "false");
ca_fdAddTableRow(formID,'table',{'appID':data[i].appID,'appName':data[i].applicationName}, "false") 

Where ', "false")' sets the row as UNselect in the table.