How to install CodeMeter and set it up on a Concurrent License Server


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We are needing to setup a Concurrent License server for our Agile Requirements Designer environment. We only want to install CodeMeter on this server, since it will only be used to manage the licensing for ARD. How do we install just the CodeMeter software, and configure it for a Concurrent License server?


Release: MSPARW99000-2.8-Agile Requirements Designer-Workgroup-MSP


The Agile Requirements Designer installer ships several third-party software bundles as part of the installation. The CodeMeter User Runtime is one of the packages that ships with ARD. To install just the CodeMeter software, download the ARD Installer for your GA release of Agile Requirements Designer, and launch the ARD installation in the same manner as if you are installing ARD.

The ARD Installer will run a system check to ensure your system meets the system requirements, and checks the system for the prerequisite software packages installed.  When the installer completes it check, it will open a dialog window with a list of the missing required software needing to be installed; one of which will be the CodeMeter software.

To install only the CodeMeter software:

  1. Open a Windows File Explorer and navigate to the directory where you have placed a copy of the Agile Requirements Designer install media.
  2. Extract/Uncompress the install media
  3. Run the setup_AgileDesigner_<version>.exe installer, as you normally would.

  1. The AgileDesigner Setup Welcome Screen opens, click the Next button.

  1. The Prerequisites dialog window opens. Here you have the option of installing all the prerequisites or unchecking all but the CodeMeterRuntime install. The CodeMeter User Runtime environment does not require any of the other prerequisite packages to be installed.

  1. Click the Next button to proceed with the install.
  2. The CodeMeter Runtime Kit install dialog window opens. Click the Next button to proceed.
  3. Accept the CodeMeter License agreement and click Next.

  1. The CodeMeter install needs to be run as a User with Administrator privileges. Enter the Adimin User account that will be running the install and click Next to continue.

  1. Keep the default Install configuration and click next to continue.
  2. Click Install to install CodeMeter.
  3. Once the install completes, click the Finish button to exit out of the CodeMeter installer.

  1. Once the CodeMeter installer exits, the CA Agile Designer Setup dialog window opens. Since we are not installing ARD on the server, simply click the Cancel button to close out of the ARD Setup. You will receive a popup window you are sure you want to cancel the AgileDesigner Install, answer Yes to confirm. 

  1. The CA AgileDesigner Setup dialog window will display a message that the install was interrupted. Click Finish to close out the install.

Now that CodeMeter is installed, you can launch the CodeMeter Center, which is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeMeter\Runtime\bin directory. To launch the CodeMeter Center, double-click on the CodeMeterCC.exe 

To setup and activate the Concurrent license that you have been provided, we need to do the following manual steps:

  1. Locate the AgileDesigner.wbb file, which can be taken from any of the user machines where a full ARD install has been performed. The file can be found in the C:\Program Files\CA\AgileDesigner\Licenses directory. If you need a copy of the file, please open a cae with CA Support requesting the latest GA release of the file.
  1. Place a copy of the AgileDesigner.wbb file in the directory of your choice, on the Concurrent License Server.
  1. Open the CodeMeter Control Center. (C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeMeter\Runtime\bin\CodeMeterCC.exe). Notice there isn’t any License containers defined for CodeMeter yet.

  1. In the CodeMeter Control Center application, import the AgileDesigner.wbb file, by selecting File – Import License… menu pick

  1. The Import CodeMeter license contents dialog window opens. Browse over to the location where you placed the AgileDesigner.wbb file is located and click import

  1. You should now see a License container created in the CodeMeter Control center

  1. The License activation is much easier if the server has Web access. From the Concurrent License Server, open a Web Browser, and enter the following URL with this format:[25-character_key_you_were _given]

For example:

 If the Concurrent Server does not have Internet access, contact CA Support for additional help.

  1. Active the license. Notice the container is updated to a 128-####### number, indicating the license has been activated.

  1. Click the WebAdmin button in the CodeMeter Control Center, to launch the Web Admin page for CodeMeter.
  1. Use the Configuration – Server – Server Access menu picks to enable the Concurrent License Server.

  1. In the Server Access page, enable the Network Server setting and the CmWAN Server setting, using the default port settings, and click Apply.
NOTE: You will need to ensure these ports are not being blocked by any firewalls (local or network) in your environment.

  1. Go back to the CodeMeter Control Center and restart the CodeMeter Service

  1. You can now proceed to direct the user’s ARD installation to use your Concurrent License Server, by launching the CodeMeter Control Center on the user system.
NOTE : If you have any license containers listed in the CodeMeter Control Center, you will need to delete them. For more information on how this is done see

  1. Launch the WebAmin page for CodeMeter, and add the Concurrent License Server to the Server Search List, and restart the CodeMeter service.

You can proceed with setting up ARD on the user machines, and configuring them to connect to the Concurrent License Server.

Additional Information

For more information on setting up the user machine, see the second half of KB000009628 “How to Set Up Concurrent Licensing for Agile Designer 2.0-2.6”


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