How To Find SLAs With Expired/Invalid Date Scheduling
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How To Find SLAs With Expired/Invalid Date Scheduling


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iDash Workload Automation


On occasion, the date scheduling parameters for an SLA may expire or become invalid. Here are a couple of examples of when this can occur...

The SLA job runs on a calendar that runs out of days

The schedule in CA7 is modified to where the triggering job for an SLA no longer triggers the SLA job.

When this situation occurs, the SLA no longer tracks in iDash and no alert is generated as a result. This document provides some methods for identifying SLAs that are in this condition so that corrective action can be taken.


Component: 7IDASH


When an SLAs date scheduling parameters no longer allow iDash to determine a normal date to track the SLA, the future date is set to 01/2038. Therefore, this date can be used to find SLAs that are in this condition.

Method 1: Search the %IDASH_HOME%/info.log
In the info.log, the following line is posted for an SLA when this occurs...
18-08-01 23.26.45 [ INFO] idash-SLA-processing: Future SLA:**SLA Name Goes Here***^***Instance Name***-20380119-XXXX
The message above can be searched in the logs on a regular basis to identify SLAs that have the next monitoring date set in 01/2038.

NOTE: The actual day in GMT is 01/19/2038. However, depending on your iDash server's timezone, the actual day may vary. Therefore, it is best just to look for 01/2038 which is sufficient to identify this scenario.

Method 2: Use the iDash GUI Dashboard
In the Dashboard, click on the upper-right to adjust the time filter. Set the future hours to a very large number that would push past 01/19/2038...such as 200,000... 

<Please see attached file for image>

Click "Save" and the Dashboard will now include all future SLAs.
Click the "Future" label from the donut, then sort the list by Deadline. Look for any SLA with a deadline of 2038.

Method 3: Use idgen* CLI with an Advanced Search object
Create an Advanced Search object that searches for any SLA with a status of FUTURE and a time interval set to 01/01/2038 to 01/20/2038. For information about creating an Advanced Search object, click here.
Once the search object is created, it can be used with the idgen* CLI utilities to generate a report. The report will contain SLAs that fit the search criteria. For example, to generate the report in PDF format, the CLI syntax would be...

idgenpdf -f <report_output_file> -t -s <search_object_name>

For more information about generating reports with the CLI, click here.


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