SIMPLIFY mode and CXX name change
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SIMPLIFY mode and CXX name change


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Datacom Datacom/AD


I am running DATACOM in SIMPLIFY mode and need help to change the CXX name .



z/OS CA Datacom 14.0 (and higher)


  1. Shut down the Datacom Multi-User gracefully. 
  2. Run a DBUTLTY BACKUP of the CXX.
  3. Run the assembly/link-edit on DBSIDPR after changing CXXNAME from 
    CXXNAME=old name to CXXNAME=new name
  4. Run DBUTLTY INIT/LOAD CXX using the CXX Backup from step 2.
  5. Run DBUTLTY LINK DBID=1-5000.  Use SET OPTION1=MUF_NOT_ENABLED as first card in the SYSIN. 
  6. Start the Datacom Multi-User.


Additional Information

For more details on the DBUTLTY LINK function, read LINK (Link to the CXX)