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Unable to see new and previous deployment on DevTest Portal VSE


Article ID: 109724


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder) Service Virtualization


DevTest Portal does not show new and deployed services.


All supported DevTest releases.


There is a key in the project.config called lisa.vse.execution.mode and it is set to a value of Most Efficient.  This is not a valid value.


Changed lisa.vse.execution.mode and set to a value of EFFICIENT (Upper Case) and then redeployed the vsm and it resolved the issue.

Additional Information

  • lisa.vse.execution.mode
    • EFFICIENT uses the most efficient path through a VS model.
    • TRACK records VSE activity at the VS level.
    • LIVE routes requests received by a VS model to a live system (somewhat like a pass through mode).
    • VALIDATION uses both VSE and the live system to determine a response. Both are recorded as tracking information and feed the model healing process. The live response becomes the response of the virtual service.
    • DYNAMIC invokes a script or subprocess for every request that must resolve to one of the other four modes. This approach is useful for tracking requests that only the virtual service model sees.
    • LEARNING automatically "heals" or corrects the virtual service to have the new or updated response from the live system.
    • STAND_IN first routes a request to the virtual service (the same as Most Efficient mode). However, if the virtual service does not have a response, the request is then automatically routed to the live system.
    • FAILOVER first routes a request to the live system (the same as Live System mode). However, if the live system does not have a response, the request is then automatically routed to the virtual service.
    Default: EFFICIENT