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User has his Harvest 'help/about' dialog truncated about an inch from the right side of the dialog. He is on Windows 10. Other users on Windows 10 do not have the truncation. We have uninstalled and removed CA SCM and re-installed with no difference in the display. User is concerned other dialogs may be truncated and cause confusion or errors if the entire display is not visiable.


Component: HGUI


In Windows 10, if you click the Start button in the lower right, along the left edge of the window you will see a few icons, one looks like a gear:

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Clicking on the gear icon will get you to the various settings for you Windows 10 operating system (most of this used to be found through Control Panel -> Settings).  On the Settings window click “System” and then “Display”

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In the Scale and Layout section check on the “Change the size of text, apps, and other items” setting. 

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If this is the default, which is 100%, the Help -> About window appears normally.  But the key thing to know about Workbench’s Help -> About window is that the size of this window does not change according to your display settings.  So what happens when you increase this text size setting for your Windows operating system is the size of the characters in the window become bigger, but the size of the window itself stays the same.  The result is that fewer characters are able to be displayed in the Help -> About window.  When I change the scaling to 150%, I was able to approximate what you’re seeing:

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So, if you can check your display settings and change the text and apps size setting back to 100%, the Help -> About window will appear normally.


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