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Is there an User Guide for DX NetOps Performance Management that I can pass on to the end users?

Basically what I'm looking for is the user guide for end user to navigate through the Performance Center web UI tool.

Are there older versions of the documentation available for the different patch releases?


All supported Performance Management releases


The documentation is continually updated and should be considered out of date if not using the current version available.

The documentation covers the entire specific release it's for.

  • The r3.7.x release documentation covers all r3.7.x releases from GA r3.7.0 though it's final r3.7.19 patch kit.
  • The r20.2.x release documentation covers all r20.2.x release from GA r20.2.0 through it's current latest release r20.2.7.

DX NetOps Performance Management release r3.7.x documentation

DX NetOps Performance Management release r20.2.x documentation