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Submit button gets grayed out (disabled) and the ticket cannot be submitted in CA Service Catalog 17.1 Rollup 1


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CA Service Management - Asset Portfolio Management CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


When clicking on submit for a service offering which has attachment as mandatory and missing the attachment, the submit button gets grayed out (disabled) and the ticket cannot be submitted.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Log into Service Catalog 17.1 RU 1
2. Home > Service Offerings > Select Offering > Definition tab > Edit Service Option > Check "Attachment Mandatory"
3. Create a request using the offering above and miss the attachment. See the error message at the top with "To submit this request, you must add an attachment to the service option(s) . Use the Attachment icon of the service option" and the submit button is grayed out.

The following error appears in console when reproducing issue:

Uncaught ReferenceError: enableButtons is not defined
at sendback (wpf?Node=icguinode.catalogitemdetails&Args=10201&ObjectID=10201&NspPath=:1923)
at addtocart (wpf?Node=icguinode.catalogitemdetails&Args=10201&ObjectID=10201&NspPath=:1720)
at finish (wpf?Node=icguinode.catalogitemdetails&Args=10201&ObjectID=10201&NspPath=:2199)
at finishaddandcheckout (wpf?Node=icguinode.catalogitemdetails&Args=10201&ObjectID=10201&NspPath=:2092)
at HTMLInputElement.onclick (wpf?Node=icguinode.catalogitemdetails&Args=10201&ObjectID=10201&NspPath=:1)


CA Service Catalog 17.1 Rollup 1


Defect with Service Catalog 17.1 Rollup 1


This is a known defect with the application and there is a test fix available. Please submit a ticket with Support to get the fix.

To submit a ticket with Support, click here.