How to Create an Adhoc View that shows Actuals vs Allocation by Month in PPM
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How to Create an Adhoc View that shows Actuals vs Allocation by Month in PPM


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Clarity PPM On Premise


This article will guide a user through the steps to create an adhoc view that compares actuals versus allocation in a monthly interval in CA Project & Portfolio Management (PPM). This article can also be used to help generate other types of adhoc reports using different measures. 


  1. In PPM got to Home->Advanced Reporting
  2. Click Create -> Ad Hoc View
  3. Select the Project Management domain and click Choose Data
  4. Move the following from Source to Selected Fields:
    • Under Projects->Project Name
    • Under Custom->Select the custom attribute (if desired)
    • Calendar Periods

  5. Click OK
  6. In the left hand window under Fields, move the desired fields over to the Rows or Columns section (depending on the preferred layout)

For this Example:

  • Under Projects, Move Project Name to Rows
  • Under Calendar Periods move Month Start Date to Columns
  • Under Custom->Move the custom attribute type to Rows (If you can't find your custom attribute, ensure the attribute has the option of 'Include in the Data Warehouse' checked and then run the Load Data Warehouse job)
  • Under Measures go to Projects->Calendar Periods->Project->Hours and move Actual Hours and Allocation Hours (or the desired measures) to Columns

  1. Right click Month Start Date in the Report and select Group By -> Month to display monthly column headers based on month name and not the start day of the month
  2. Save the Ad Hoc View 

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