Totals from user view and summary object of same filter are different


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CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager


When I created a user view with a specific filter:
 "01Data Set Name" EXCL  HSM.BACKTAPE./ ZAMN./ ZAMP./ ZATP./ ZA.MN/ ZA.MP/ ZA.TP/ ZA.DOSTGD./ ZA.SM????./ ZA.SMFDUMP./ ZA??.DR900SW./ ZA.HSM/ zaqj./ zadostg./ HSM.COPY./ DFHSM.COPY./ XSDFHSM.BACKTAPE./ XSDFHSM.COPY./ ZAW3.??????.????.L/ ZAW3.??????.????.U/ AND  "01Exp Date" >   TODAY
I click on View and TOTALS and I get one number
I then created a Summary Object with the same filter as above. I click on View and TOTALS and I get a different number.
Why is that


Release: SMV3EN00200-14.0-Graphical Management Interface


This is because the field used to get the data is displaying an Average result instead of using the MB bytes field which works on total data.
Additionally the following PTFs could be required if fields data seems incorrect using count value: RO97063 & RO98037