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Using CA APM 10.7 Infrastructure agent for HP-UX Host Monitoring


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


The CA APM PRODUCT COMPATIBILITY MATRIX states that CA APM 10.7 Infrastructure Agent is not supported under HP-UX. Is there any option available to be able to use an Infrastructure Agent for Host Monitoring under HP-UX?


Release: APMNGM00200- Performance Mgmt


The CA APM 10.7 Infrastructure Agent has no official support for HP-UX: 

However CA SystemEdge is supported on HP-UX:

Even though the Infrastructure Agent is not supported on HP-UX because SystemEdge is supported on HP-UX then in theory the following may be possible but has not been tested:
a. Extract the "casystemedge-5.9.11-unix-x64.tar.gz" from the Infrastructure Agent installer package and install it on HP-UX.
b. Install and configure a remote Infrastructure Agent to connect to the HP server host on the SystemEDGE snmp port (default 1691) by editing file apmia/extensions/HostMonitor/ to connect to the remote server (snmpcollector.hostlist etc). 

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