Harvest upgrade scripts do not cleanup/delete old obsolete tables, indexes, views etc from Oracle DB


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On a Linux platform, we have 3 Harvest installations. DEV, TEST and PROD. We have 3 remote Oracle databases. We have Harvest installed since version 5.11. When a new version comes out, we upgrade. We recently upgraded to version 13. We ran into problems on our TEST database upgrade, requiring us to delete the TEST database and install the TEST database from scratch, using the HDBSETUP install feature. After successful install of the TEST database, to Harvest version 13, our Oracle DB team, identified to us a huge difference between our PROD and TEST databases. (Attached is the sync script, built, which identifies the changes.) This concerns us, as it indicates that the CA Harvest database upgrade script for Linux-Oracle, does not clean up the database, tables, index, grants, views etc......


CA Harvest SCM all versions and platforms.


When upgrading the SCM database you will find that data tables which are obsolete in the new version remain in the database after the upgrade. This is because deleting those tables could potentially delete user data and this is something we try to avoid. After confirming which tables are obsolete under the new version, these can be manually dropped from your SCM database if you prefer.