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When checking out to remote agent machine getting pec error "ec=145"


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister


When checking out for update to a Linux agent machine from Workbench, getting pec error message "ec=145". If the same Workbench connects to the production computer and tries to check out to the same Linux agent machine, same folder, userid and everything, it works as expected.


CA Harvest SCM v13.0.0.28
Broker is on a Solaris OS
Remote agent machine is on a Linux OS
Workbench on a Windows OS


After lengthy discussions with the Systems and Network groups, it has been discovered that the broker machine (where the Harvest broker resides) was not able to communicate with the remote agent machine (where the files to be checked in/out are located). This must have been overlooked by the Security group during the initial configuration of the servers.