Executing grloader from a Process Automation process results in a Non-null exit code


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Consider an example grloader syntax that works perfectly via a command line:
java -Xmx512M -cp "%JAVA_HOME%\lib" -jar D:\GRLoader\lib\GRLoader.jar -N D:\GRLoader\ -cfg D:\GRLoader\site\cfg\ sqlserverdb.cfg -u servicedesk -p password -E -s http://SDMHostName:8080/ -dbstmt "SELECT * FROM z_ci_list" -lttwa" 

Let's pass this same through PAM 

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When the above PAM process executes, it results in an error:  Non-null exit code

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Grloader log has an error too:
08/01 10:31:19.545 ERROR grCIRelationPending 179 grCIRelationPending2000 The system cannot find the path specified 
08/01 10:31:19.547 ERROR GRLoader 1161 java.lang.NullPointerException 
at com.ca.CMDB.GRLoader.grCIRelationPending.createPendingRelationshipFile(grCIRelationPending.java:183) 
at com.ca.CMDB.GRLoader.grCIRelationPending.<init>(grCIRelationPending.java:76) 
at com.ca.CMDB.GRLoader.grGenericRdr.<init>(grGenericRdr.java:118) 
at com.ca.CMDB.GRLoader.grJDBCrdr.<init>(grJDBCrdr.java:85) 
at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native Method) 


Component: ITPAM


The error happens because of missing User ID and Password fields in the Run Script operator definition screen.

Provide a valid username and password for a user that can access the file structure D:\grloader\grloader as well as be able to create temporary files during the runtime of the grloader process. Once this is done, save the PAM process and test it again.


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