How to enable Debug in Identity Governance
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How to enable Debug in Identity Governance


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How to enable Debug level in Identity Governance?


Identity Governance 14.4




Logs for Identity Governance 14.x can be found in the \CA\RCM\Server\eurekify-jboss\server\eurekify\log\ directory.

To modify the logging level:

1. Open IG Portal

2. Select menu Administration > Support Tools > Log Settings

3. In the page, uncheck "All" and "show packages only"

4. Type "com.eurekify" without quotes in "Package/Class Name Contains" field

5. There will be list of the package starting with com.eurekify". Select relevant packages accordingly and change the Default value to DEBUG in Debug Level column 

6. In the bottom page click Apply button

To restore the log level default, just re-do the steps above and setting the default value at step #5


Additional Information

You can use the default logs to help identify a specific module that needs to be debug.  For example take the following error: 

 2021-09-08 14:28:54,492 ERROR [] (businessFlowCampaignCreationExecutorContainer-2) Failed creating campaign : RG 98 228, step : CREATE_CAMPAIGN_TASKS

To specifically apply debugging for the businessflow package/class(s) then add 'businessflow' to the above Package/Class name, or even the full package/class name to debug only that specific package/class: