UIM Integration with External CABI is not working


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UIM Integration with External CABI is not working.
In UMP -> Unified Dashboards -> CABI for UIM Dashboards, the Summary Dashboard shows the hour glass.
In the Preferences of the Summary Dashboard, the Dashboard Path is grey out and can't be change.
The steps listed in the documentation were followed "Install or Upgrade for an External CA Business Intelligence JasperReports Server"
Integrating UIM with CABI External Documentation for UIM 8.51


UIM 8.51
cabi_external 3.20
External CABI 6.3


Ensure that these steps were followed (from the documentation, reference the link above in case of changes):
If using MS SQL with Windows Authentication:

(Microsoft SQL Server Windows Authentication Only) Configure Windows Authentication

Use this procedure if you must enable Windows authentication on the CABI Server.

Follow these steps:

  1. Grant the Windows Authentication user full control of the following directories:
    • The CABI Server installation directory.
    • The CABI Tomcat installation directory if the Apache-Tomcat directory is not included in the CABI Server installation directory.
  2. Modify the CABI Tomcat service to run as a Windows authentication user.
    1. Open the Windows Services console.
    2. Right click the Service and click Properties.
    3. Select the Log On tab.
    4. Select This account.
    5. Enter the Account information for the Windows authentication user.
    6. Click Ok.
    7. Restart the CABI Tomcat service.
  3. Install SQL Server drivers on the CABI Tomcat server. The Apache-Tomcat directory is usually in the CABI Server installation directory.
    1. Download the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/connect/jdbc/microsoft-jdbc-driver-for-sql-server). 
    2. Extract the self-contained zip file.
    3. Copy the sqljdbc_auth.dll in the extracted directory to the CABI Tomcat bin directory.
    4. Copy the sqljdb4.jar in the extracted directory to the CABI Tomcat lib directory.
    5. Restart the CABI Tomcat server.
  4. Run the cabi or cabi_external probe as a Windows authentication user.
    1. On the robot with the probe, go to Administrative Tools > Services and double-click on Nimsoft Robot Watcher.
    2. Select the Log On tab.
    3. Change the account to the same account and password that is used in the data_engine and the primary UIM server.
    4. Click OK.
    5. Right-click on Nimbus Robot Watcher and select the Restart option.
    6. Close the windows.
    7. Restart the  robot.

Configure CABI Server for MS SQL Windows Authentication

Configure the Windows service for "CA Business Intelligence Tomcat" to start as the same windows domain user.



Configure CABI Server for CA UIM

Additional installation steps are required to configure CABI Server to work with an instance of CA UIM.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the CABI server as the user who is configured to run the CABI Tomcat service.

  2. Go to the filesystem of the robot with the cabi or cabi_external probe.

  3. Copy the uim-cabi-overlay-installer.jar file in <UIM_installation>/probes/service/cabi_external/config/bin.

  4. Add the file to the CABI Server root directory. Use the appropriate path for your operating system: 

    • Windows: <CABI_Server_installation>/Program Files/CA/SC/CA Business Intelligence

    • Unix: <CABI_Server_installation>/opt/CA/SharedComponents/CA Business Intelligence

  5. Run the installer on CABI Server: jre/bin/java -jar uim-cabi-overlay-installer.jar

  6. Restart the CABI web server. For more information, see CA Business Intelligence JasperReports Server.