Using Netmaster Smarttrace to record TCP handshake only
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Using Netmaster Smarttrace to record TCP handshake only


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NetMaster Network Automation SOLVE NetMaster Network Management for SNA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP NetMaster File Transfer Management


Situations exist where connectivity problems occur on a port or range of ports that may be very busy, or have lots of connections / traffic flow,

and it is necessary to let a trace run to capture only the handshake from a particular IP.

Is there a way to set up the Smarttrace filter to just record the three-way TCP handshake packets?


Release: SLOPFC00200-12.1-NetMaster-File Transfer Management


Ensure the required fix is applied:
SO04784 for 12.2
SO04785 for 12.1

In the Netmaster region:
Issue   /SMART   from the command line
Select  option  A  (Add Smarttrace Definition)
Select   __ New Multiple TCP Connection Trace
Fill out the first 3 screens to create the desired filtering.
On the 4th screen set TRACE LIMIT to 1 and Initial Packet Traced to 3.



All other parameters should be set as desired for the current tracing needs.

Hit F4 to save then F3 to exit the screen.

The is takes you back to the main Packet Tracing Menu where you can use option L to view all traces and activate your trace from there.