How to check DA heap usage in NetOps Portal
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How to check DA heap usage in NetOps Portal


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


The DA is a java process that run within a JVM (Java Virtual Machine).
To view the heap usage of the JVM you can use an OnDemand Report  in PM Console


Dx NetOps Performance Management 22.2, 23.3


In NetOps Portal navigate to:

Reports ~~> On Demand Report templates:

On the right select new:

In the new window that opens, give this new report a name and any details you desire.

 And I chose chart per metric, when I used chart with multiple metrics, I got all the counters in one box and didn’t like it.

You have to scroll down now as the window can't be expanded.

In add items window, hit add/remove items button to open new window….

Then filter for the aggregator and select it


Then click add and ok

Now that we have a device selected, the DA, we have available metrics.

Expand jvm health and pick the ones you want, please be sure to add all 7 metrics shown below:

From Available Metrics choose:
Data Aggregator JVM Health
    Heap Size in Bytes - Average
    Percent Heap Used - Average
    Percent Heap Used - Maximum
    Percent Heap Used - minimum
    Application pause time - maximum
    Application pause time - minimum
    Application pause time - total

Click Save

Run for your desired timeframe.