How to check DA heap usage in CA Performance Center


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The DA is a java process that run within a JVM (Java Virtual Machine).
To view the heap usage of the JVM you can use an OnDemand Report  in CAPC


CA Performance Management 3.x


In CA Performance Center navigate to:

Reports-On Demand Report templates:

At the bottom select new:

In the new window that opens, give this new report a name and any details you desire.

 And I chose chart per metric, when I used chart with multiple metrics, I got all the counters in one box and didn’t like it.

You have to scroll down now as the window can't be expanded.

In add items window, hit add/remove items button to open new window….

Then filter for the aggregator and select it

Then click add and ok

Now that we have a device selected, the DA, we have available metrics.

Expand jvm health and pick the ones you want, please be sure to add all 7 metrics shown below:

From Available Metrics choose:
Data Aggregator JVM Health
    Heap Size in Bytes - Average
    Percent Heap Used - Average
    Percent Heap Used - Maximum
    Percent Heap Used - minimum
    Application pause time - maximum
    Application pause time - minimum
    Application pause time - total

Click Save

Run for your desired timeframe.