User cannot jil in jobs; CAUAJM W 10420 Job Create Access Denied
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User cannot jil in jobs; CAUAJM W 10420 Job Create Access Denied


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CA Workload Automation AE - Business Agents (AutoSys) CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys) Workload Automation Agent


A User is trying to create jobs by jil'ing them in and receives the following messages:

CAUAJM_I_50323 Inserting/Updating job: test_dev_autodoc_prod_zzzz_capture 
CAUAJM_W_10420 Job Create Access Denied! 
CAUAJM_W_10439 No policies granting access to resource. 
CAUAJM_W_10440 Class: as-job Resource: A11.test_dev_autodoc_prod_zzzz_capture User: usertest1 Access: create 
CAUAJM_W_10442 Time: 1532972400 Delegator: None


WCC: 11.3.5 
EEM : 

This information is relevant for any release of EEM.


User was not a member of the necessary group.


 To identify a possible cause of the problem, run the Permission check for a user who works and one who does not in EEM as follows:

1. Login to EEM under the WorkloadAutomationAE as EiamAdmin. 
2. Go to Manage Access Policies. 
3. Click on Permission check. 
4. Fill in: 
Resource class: as-job 
Action: Create 
Resource: instance.jobname ( what is identified in the message) 
Identity: user (username identified in the message)

On the 2nd half of the page place a check mark in 'Display Debug Information'. 

Run the Permission Check. Save the debug information. 

Next do the same exercise for a user who is able to create jobs in the group. 

Compare the debug information and identify the differences to determine what is missing.