How do I install CA Visual DBA for CA IDMS?
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How do I install CA Visual DBA for CA IDMS?


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CA Visual DBA is a GUI-interface tool that allows DBAs to monitor and update their CA IDMS systems. It is included in the base IDMS product at no extra charge; but the way to install it may not be immediately clear. 


Component: IDMS


The way to download Visual DBA is to follow these steps: 

1- Go to Support Connect at, then from the menu (top left) choose "Download Management". 

2- In the "Search by Product Name" box, type CA IDMS. This will bring up a few options; choose "CA IDMS - Database".

3- Click on the "Product Downloads Available" message (it will probably show the number 45). 

4- This will bring up all the product options to download, listed at 10 per page. Search through them until you find "CA IDMS/DB MVS" and click on that - in testing, this was on page 4. 

4- This will bring up another list with 10 items per page. Find "CA IDMS VISUAL DBA R18 0000 - ESD ONLY" - in our testing this was on page 1. Either add it to your cart or just click "Download now". 

5- This will download a zipped file. Unzip it and click on the setup.EXE file. This will walk you through the install.


Additional Information

Other installation options for Visual DBA can be found here: